March 12, 2012

Dawn 'The Shadow' Hartigan

Dawn “The Shadow” Hartigan is so named because she is deceptively quiet. She sneaks in with an unassuming look and an unsuspecting public can expect to be exposed.  Shots will be fired in rapid succession and before you know it “The Shadow” has moved to her next victim.  Paintings will be painted, shown in galleries, and bought by people you don’t even know.  You could actually be hanging in someone else’s home without your knowledge.  You won’t even know...only “The Shadow” knows...
Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG 

Dawn 'The Shados' Hartigan - MS013
Oil, 4'' x 4''
Another rather loose one.. and rather colorful.....
Still, enjoyed painting it a lot - especially with Dawn stern look.


  1. Doing well with the mugs in Singapore! Love the skin tones as usual!!!

  2. Wow - even in Singapore you are keeping up - makes me feel like a schmuck! Great job, nice and painterly! And the stern look - you nailed it!

  3. Thanks Maria and Kelley... I had been planning to paint the whole weekend, but I only got down to it Sunday evening at 10 pm... So it was a rather short night tonight... and I really didn't 'see it' anymore in the end.
    I feel like this one is a bit too loose though...

  4. I like the looseness of this. Also, a nice soft palette.

  5. You've captured the intense stare in Dawn's photo. The colors are wonderful! Really nice!


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