November 15, 2011

Wanted: the notorious Hilton Head Gang (HHG)

An international search warrant has been issued today by Detective Maria Hock:
"On October 31st, 2011, disaster struck the tiny island of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Twenty-one notorious characters descended upon Hilton Head and went wild shooting everything in sight.

The purpose of this challenge is to reveal the identities of the Hilton Head Gang by painting their portraits. The first mug to be painted is the leader of this notorious gang - Karin 'Quickdraw' Jurick. Karin can visit a beach and shoot everyone in sight before they even know she is there. Her covert activity is known worldwide."

Even though I've just arrived home from my trip to the US I feel it is my duty to participate in this search operation by posting my mug shot of Karin 'Quickdraw' Jurick. And I can personally attest her being know worldwide - even the Swiss join forces to apprehend this notorious lady!

Karin 'Quickdraw' Jurick - MS002
4 x 4''

Note: as the members of the Hilton Head Gang (HHG) are on our most wanted list, I will be posting one member's mugshot each week - stay tuned! Also, visit the blogs in my blogroll to see more mugshots of the 'gangster' of the week as my fellow-painters from the workshop will post their interpretations!


  1. Excellent! You are the second to post! I hope to have mine up soon!

  2. I love your version on the Ringleader of this Gang! And I like HHG after my name on the blog roll, too. Sleep tight, Regula!

  3. Great! Feeling intimidated now....

  4. I love this "communiblogging" to keep the lines open!
    And I'm so glad you created your blog! This little project is going to be a challenge to our egos - to be painted with hang-dog expressions. Maybe we should follow up with happy faces. I'm putting you on my blog list Regula !

  5. Fantastic, Regula!! I painted Karin today, will photograph in the morning and post. This is really fun!

  6. This is wonderful! I love your version of our notorious leader!

  7. Hi Gang! - thanks for stopping by and commenting. Isn't it great to see these mug shot on each others blogs? I'm really excited to 'paint on' and do the other mugs now...

  8. Regula, this is very good! I think it's funny that the Swiss are in on the "hunt" also! This is so much fun.


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