November 17, 2011

Workshop with Karin Jurick on Hilton Head Island

As you know by now I spent a week on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, painting with Karin Jurick and a bunch of great, talented and more importantly fun ladies. I can't rave enough about the great time I had!

'A Perfect Moment'
Oil, 8'' x 10''
On the first day Karin talked about her approach to painting, materials, taking pictures - and turning 'so-so photos' into great paintings. A real eye-opener! So was the demo she did for us, using her own reference photo taken on Hilton Head.
I always enjoy watching a painting demo, I feel like I learn so much by watching a magician like Karin paint. So when on the second day we were using the same reference to do our own version, it felt so much more relaxed than just jumping into cold waters with my own photos.
My painting 'A Perfect Moment' mirrors this feeling.

'Wave Gazing'
Oil, 8'' x 8''
I painted this next piece from a reference photo I had taken just the day before. This little girl had been running around on the beach, and then - for half a minute - she stood still, gazing at the waves. And then the moment was gone and she was off to chase after those funny seagulls...

More on the workshop and more paintings in my next post.


  1. Love this! The youngster looks lost in her thoughts. I still smile whenever I reminisce about the week at Hilton Head. I must say commenting is a bit of a challenge reading a different language...but you do that all the time hahaha...

  2. Love this little girl just gazing at the ocean! You captured a wonderful and brief moment. Well done!

  3. Maria - you can read it in English - you just have to change a setting - gosh, I wish I could remember - google it!
    Regula you did a great job on that little girl - I think I missed seeing it during the workshop - you picked a perfect moment! Being 'here' in the comments section with you guys makes me feel like I'm back on Hilton Head! MISS YOU!

  4. Your blog is looking really great. Still thinking of that American hamburger...mmmm. I really like the posture of the little girl. The ocean has that mesmerizing affect doesn't it?

  5. Regula, I love this little girl. You did such a great job capturing her, and the water. Hope you are doing well. Miss you!

  6. Hi Regula! I love this little girl and her reflections. Very sweet.

  7. I'm loving this challenge and SO wish I'd been on Hilton Head with you all!!

  8. Thanks everybody for commenting - it's so great to keep in contact like this, I just wish we could get together for a weekend every other month or so. MISS YOU ALL! - or would that be "Y'all"???

    I hope to paint my 'self-mug' tonight… if I haven't posted by tomorrow, I might have already been recognized and arrested, as the two versions out there in the blogosphere are just GREAT!

    Mary - thanks for stopping by! If you aver have the chance to attend Karin's class, just go for it!
    Btw: I great Tootsie Pops painting!


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