January 5, 2012

Cookie's Evening Walk - Hilton Head Island

I realized I haven't posted all the paintings from my workshop with Karin Jurick on Hilton Head Island yet. I painted this next piece on the third day, and I just have to smile whenever I look at it!

'Cookie's Evening Walk'
Oil, 8'' x 8''

This is my first painting of a dog and it was such fun - of course Cookie's a cutie, and with her red coat and the setting sun the staging was perfect. Fitting for such a starlet.
Oh, and I don't know her (or his?) real name, but I gave my little niece a toy for Christmas and she calls it Cookie, so I just borrowed that name. I know she won't mind.

I'm considering entering this painting in the 'Sense of Place' - Exhibition at the Sedona Arts Center in February. Have to decide between this and two other options...


  1. Love it for many reasons. The pop of red is so vibrant. It will be a perfect entry into the show

  2. I remember this one! This is so typical of the scene there in the late fall. Everyone was walking a dog or a person!

  3. I like the perspective on this and Cookie's red sweater. I think this would make a great entry for the show.

  4. I love this one. Your edges are so nice! Love the refections in the sand. This would be a good entry.

  5. All of the above! Really nice painting.

  6. Thanks everybody - the painting is varished and almost ready to ship. Just hope it arrives in time.
    @Kit: good to hear from you. Missed you!

  7. Wonderful painting Regula - what was the outcome? Did Cookie get to go to Arizona?


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