January 16, 2012

Red Hot

This is the last painting done during the Hilton Head workshop - or rather 'after' the workshop: a few unstoppable ladies and I stayed on Friday afternoon to 'paint on' as Karin would say. I'm glad I did! 

"Red Hot"
Oil on panel, 8'' x 10''
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This scene is typical for Hilton Head. Everybody seems to be riding along the beautiful wide beach. I just loved this red beachcruiser...


  1. This is great Regula. Love the composition and how you simplify the scene. Nice!

  2. Love this one Regula! The brush strokes are wonderful and I just love a red bike!

  3. Oh this take me back to those wonderful strolls on the Hilton Head beach. Love your painting.

  4. Love this, Regula. Wonderful composition, and nice soft color palette.

  5. I think I remember you working on this! Such a nice flashback! It's a lovely image of such a lovely place!

  6. I love composition that leaves the page. Makes me want more.

  7. I've adopted Karin's salutation, 'Paint On' because that's what we do.
    Love how you cropped this.


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