February 19, 2012

Portrait of Sarah

I've painted this portrait in January, but didn't post it yet as it is a commisioned piece. Now that it has safely arrived at it's destination, I can post it here.

"Portrait of Sarah"
Oil, 6''x6''

I do not know Sarah, but from the reference picture and the mails of the lady who commissioned the piece you can feel that she's a happy, lovely young woman - and always smiling!

I hope I did her justice....


  1. OH I am sure she will be delighted! It is a wonderful uplifting piece...happy smile (which is very difficult to achieve) and bright smiling eyes. I love her.

  2. a lovely painting, i'm sure the recipient was thrilled!

  3. I like the soft colors. You Captured a great smile.

  4. Beautiful painting, I love the color, and your soft brushstrokes.

  5. She is lovely and you did a wonderful job with her smile! I like to see your loose brush strokes. Very nice!!


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