June 29, 2012

Maria 'The Enforcer' Hock

"Maria 'The Enforcer' Hock is perhaps the most dangerous member of the Hilton Head gang.  She is an instigator... a rabble rouser... a provocateur. She lures you into her circle of friends with promises of camaraderie, challenges, and critiques. She has three cameras and endless battery power. She is also deadly with her prose... if she can’t get a likeness... then it is very likely you will be the subject of a story... or BOTH!  Her husband is responsible for her nickname..."
Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG

 Maria 'The Enforcer' Hock - MS021
Oil, 4'' x 4''

Well - Here she is. Maria. The Enforcer.
The last one of the Hilton Head Gang to be caught - only on canvas though!
You can see from Maria's gazing into the future that there's probably new havoc being planned, new shootings being prepared - all batteries charged and cameras at the ready.

I'm very happy to meet up again soon and go on a .... ehmmm.... painting spree with Maria again!


  1. Beautifully painted! I wish I could join y'all this fall! I know there will be lots of laughter and good art.

  2. I love ME! You did a great job. I can't wait till Hilton Head...we are going to have a blast!

  3. Great job on Maria! I can see she is planing something. I wish I could join you also. HHI will never be the same!

  4. That's our Maria. She is up to something. You got her expression.

  5. Thanks for commenting, gals!
    It was such a great, fun, challenging experiance painting all these mugs. I'm gonna miss our project!

    But: new challenges are waiting for us!

  6. Wonderful job on all your mugs Regula! I have so enjoyed watching this flurry of activity as you have caught up on this project. Is it good to be home? I would just love to be back at the workshop with you - maybe next year!


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