September 23, 2012


Beginning of the week I posted the portrait of Emilka, and as promised here's her brother Miša.

Miša is a bright, happy, sweet young boy who's interested in everything he sees and seems to take in the world around him eagerly. Upon having seen some Swiss flags while driving to our place in the car he very correctly explained to me how the white cross on the red ground needs to be just the right size, and should not touch the edge of the flag. Quite in contrast to the St. Georges's cross of the English flag he was proudly wearing on his shirt.

Like his sister Emilka, Miša is one of those kids that make you look forward to see the adults they will grow up to be.

Oil, 12'' x 12''


  1. Again, well done! Bravo! Mum

  2. Wonderful work Regula! You can tell these two children are siblings so I know you captured their likenesses! I know you'll be heading to Hilton Head soon and I'm so sorry not to be there with you, but I'll be anxious to hear about all of your experiences. Give my love to Karin and the class of 2011!


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