November 24, 2012

The first ever HH4 Challenge: 'Snoopy Guys'

HH4 Challenge? - Let me explain...

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Karin Jurick's workshop on Hilton Head Island - for the second time. Apart from painting, the great beach and wonderful Beach House, I got to spend the week with three amazing artist and dear friends. We painted, strolled along the beach, took hundreds of photos (each, every day) and sat together in the evening talking about art, life and everything.
That's how the Hilton Head Four (HH4) were born.

And we decided to keep each other motivated and challenged by having a fortnightly challenge set up. We take turns in setting the topic of the challenge - either a theme, a reference photo, a style, whatever. We have two weeks to paint and then we all post on our blogs at the same time and reveal all our paintings.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

This week to start it off it was my turn to set the challenge. And of course it just had to be a Hilton Head reference. A guy walking his dogs on the beach - it doesn't get more typical than that. We talked to the gentleman and he actually told us that he had a painting done of his dogs, and how hard it is to paint WHITE dogs. Well... yes!

So here's my rendition - 'Snoopy Guys'.

'Snoopy Guys'
Oil, 10'' x 8''

And - in no paticular order - the other paintings from the HH4. I just love to see them all together. Please make sure to take a look at the artist's blogs by clicking on their names. 

Stay tuned for the next HH4 Challenge in two weeks! - a small hint: we'll stay at the beach for now....


  1. Love this post. What a fun challenge! And I love fortnight...wish I had thought of that word for my blog!!! You did a great job with your Snoopy Guys.

  2. Lovely paintings! each and everyone. Congratulations!


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