December 8, 2012

HH4 Challenge #2 - 'Bright and Early'

I've been busy since the last HH4 Challenge - though not really painting and posting. So it's good to have the challenge to keep my on a schedule.

This month's challenge was set by Maria Bennett Hock and is another reference from Hilton Head Island. We encountered this lady and her dog on one of our strolls on the beach.  I honestly think it might have been at sunset rather than in the morning, but the finished painting has this early morning feeling to me. It's going to be a wonderful day, but it's still rather fresh and you're happy to have a warm jacket with you.
I miss the beach....

All four of us - the Hilton Head Four - enjoyed painting from the reference, and the resulting pieces show our individual styles and takes on the picture. But we also agreed that we're looking forward painting the next reference - it will NOT be a white dog!

So here's my rendition - 'Bright and Early'.

'Bright and Early'
Oil, 8'' x 8''

And my HH4 friend's paintings - take a look at the artist's blogs by clicking on their names. 


 'The Look'


  1. I like the colors in the dog. Good composition, too. Everyone did a great job!

  2. Love seeing these all posted together. What a great challenge!!!

  3. I love all 4 versions of this. It's always fun to see everyones interpretation. Nice job!


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