December 14, 2012

Hilton Head 2012 - here come the mugs again!

The mug shots produced and painted from the original Hilton Head Gang / Class of 2011 were so much fun, such a good exercise and such a great way to keep motivated and in contact with each other that OF COURSE the class of 2012 decided to go ahead and get the challenge going again.

Although I love the challenge, I did't get started right away and now I'm already some mugs behind. Oh well.... Here's my first 'Hilton Head Caper' 2012:

Kim "The Scoop" Rosser - MS022
Oil, 4'' x 4''

Kim "The Scoop" Rosser is not only a great painter, she and her husband are running the infamous Gelati Celesti in Richmond, Va. 
Isn't that just a dreamy combination? Painting and homemade gelato....

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