January 26, 2013

HH4 Challenge #5 - Paris mon Amour

It was my turn againg to pick the HH4 challenge. So instead of a single reference I chose a couple of pictures. The theme: HH4 goes to Paris!

Soo... Close your eyes.... picture this:  Paris on a lovely warm Sunday in late September, with all the Parisians back from their August summer break and enjoying the warmth in the Tuileries Gardens - or Jardin des Tuileries as we like to call it...
Aaaah, c'est la vie!

'Paris à Deux'
Oil, 8'' x 10''

And of course my HH4 friends joined me in Paris - take a look at the artist's blogs by clicking on their names.

 'Paris in Pink'

 'Beau Roux'

1 comment:

  1. This is a great challenge picture!!! How fun...love seeing them all together.


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