February 11, 2013

HH4 Challenge #6 - Kindred Spirits

You know, this is called a 'challenge' for a good reason - sometimes I get the painting done early, with no deadline pressure at all. And then there are weeks like the last. I actually got to painting on the day of the deadline, when one of my friends had already mailed out her entry.
I told her.
She replied: "Hahaha.  That is why it is called a challenge!!!  Good luck!".
Soooo... no more postponing, I set up my easel and painted from 9pm to 11pm. Took a picture, mailed it out. Made it in time.

Again, we had a wonderful reference picture to paint from . thanks, Maria! It was actually almost too cute to even tackle it (maybe that's why I waited so long?), but I must say I'm quite happy with my result.

'Kindred Spirits'
Oil, 8'' x 8''

And here are the museum pieces of my HH4 - take a look at the artist's blogs by clicking on their names.


'I want that'


  1. This was a fun challenge. The paintings are more similar than some of the other challenges but you are right, what makes the challenges so interesting is how we can all paint the same things an each still shows the individual styles. I'm even more impressed you did yours in 2 hrs. Bravo.

  2. A very fun challenge. I just love seeing what everyone comes up with. Lydia and I paint together once a week but hide our challenge pieces so we can enjoy the reveal on friday with you and Chris. Such a great way to stay connected!


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