February 23, 2013

HH4 Challenge #7 - Shades

Isn't this little guy just cool? Shades in place, all business - and just wait till he grows up!

Oil, 4'' x 4''

The reference photo was taken by Lydia Jechorek as our fortnighly challenge - have a look at what the HH4 ladies came up with, I like how we all chose a different 'soom factor'!

 'Yeah, That's My Ride'

 'Hanging Out'


  1. They are all soooo cute! Applause for everyone!

  2. Love this challenge!!! Lydia sent out a great picture and I love the creative takes on it!

  3. You all had such nice and varied takes on this subject! Good work! And Chris where's your blog girl??!


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