September 8, 2014

CW - Sunkissed

Portrait of a good friend and art buddy, taken in Italy.
Or was it South of France? - somewhere sunny and with good food, anyways.

This was actually done before I've started the 30in30, but it really fits as it was a quick, 'sketchy' approache.
"CW - Sunkissed"
Oil on panel, 6" by 6"
USD 80 (plus shipping)

I have a few spots left on my 'to paint list' and am still looking for subjects to paint, so send me pictures of yourself, your family, your pet or the squirrel in your garden for me to paint. I'd love to have this added challenge, and it would be more fun!

The paintings are also posted on my Facebook Artist Page Regula Scheifele Fine Art - I'd love to have you follow me on Facebook or sign up to follow my blog!

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