March 31, 2015

My Sketching Kit

When I announced I'd be doing my '30 Days of Daily Sketching' challenge, Jim Serret commented: "Good challenge, I sketch daily and sometimes it can be hard as to what to sketch, How about your sketch gear ? Keep it fun and remember its a process."

Thanks for the suggestion Jim! I do not yet have a time-tested sketch gear, but this is what I've been using lately. Or rather: part of what I've been using.

Tip of the day: if you're planning to add color to your sketches, make sure to use waterproof pens like the Faber Castell PITT series or the Prismacolor Premier. Unless of course you want to play with the effect of the line getting deluted... which I plan to do very soon.

As I'm still very much in the 'trying-everything-out-and-buying-way-too-much-drawing-supplies' phase, I'd like to know: what is your favorite drawing tool? 
Let me know by commenting here or on Facebook at And keep those ideas for sketching coming!

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