March 27, 2015

Starting on a new Challenge!

Last month I was lucky to attend a wonderful workshop with Rose Frantzen - and I will write about that in another post.

But for now I've set myself a new challenge: '30 Days of Daily Sketching'.

To be honest, I wanted to call my challenge "30 Days of Art Journaling" because this does sound more sophisticated - and we should be sketching on a daily basis anyway (ehmm...).
But the thing is: I do NOT sketch on a daily basis. I need to start. Or at least get somewhere near to it... And later on... maybe... I'll do the Art Journaling as my next challenge.

The challenge is to do 30 sketches, one a day. Easy.
But I need your help:
Instead of choosing what to sketch I'd much rather have you tell me!
It can be anything: an object (like 'a pair of scissors'), a prompt ('something you can see from your window'), a concept ('something that makes you happy') - you get the idea.
Only condition: I need to be able to sketch it from life. So even though I'd love to sketch the Eiffel Tower, a quick day trip to Paris is a bit too much to ask for...

So: PLEASE tell me what to sketch by leaving a comment to this post and in the next thirty days to each of the sketch posts. I'll pick one idea and sketch it the next day and keep the rest on my 'to do list'.
Btw: you can of course also comment on my Facebook page


  1. Good challenge, I sketch daily and sometimes it can be hard as to what to sketch, How about your sketch gear ? Keep it fun and remember its a process.

    1. Hi Jim
      Thanks so much for commenting - good to get the support! Totally agree, it is so much fun, and I love the '30 in 30' challenges because they prove how much we can benefit from a daily routine.
      I did sketch my new watercolor kit but did not post it - you can see the FB post here:
      But of course there's more to the kit, definitely worth a (few sketches. Thanks for the idea!
      ps: love your 'Coffee with Rothko' - I have the same book!


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