March 12, 2012

Dawn 'The Shadow' Hartigan

Dawn “The Shadow” Hartigan is so named because she is deceptively quiet. She sneaks in with an unassuming look and an unsuspecting public can expect to be exposed.  Shots will be fired in rapid succession and before you know it “The Shadow” has moved to her next victim.  Paintings will be painted, shown in galleries, and bought by people you don’t even know.  You could actually be hanging in someone else’s home without your knowledge.  You won’t even know...only “The Shadow” knows...
Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG 

Dawn 'The Shados' Hartigan - MS013
Oil, 4'' x 4''
Another rather loose one.. and rather colorful.....
Still, enjoyed painting it a lot - especially with Dawn stern look.

March 4, 2012

Terri 'Bones' Buchholz

"Terri 'Bones' Buchholz claims to be a nurse and uses her position to gain unsuspecting victims’ confidence.  As soon as she recognizes that you are a vulnerable mark she swoops in and reveals herself as a Florence Nightingale just trying to help... she shoots and then disappears into the crowd.  She can see a victim a mile away... authorities believe she has a telephoto lens that gives her access to otherwise unavailable victims.  Be on the lookout... she too... is armed and dangerous!"
Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG

 Terri 'Bones' Buchholz - MS012
Oil, 4'' x 4''

As you probably realized I'm far behind with the 'weekly' Hilton Head mug. BUT I'm so proud I finally got to paint the next one - since I carried all my painting materials over here to Singapore I might as well make use of them.

Again, the 'non painting' time off posed a big obstacle for me, I was quite apprehensive. But definitely wanted to try and 'catch' Terri - she was my 'neighbour' during our workshop and is a wonderful artist (see link on the right...).
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