December 18, 2013

Maria - revisited

I had to smile when I just read the title to this post - 'revisited', because this is the second portrait of Maria.

Funny though: I painted this portrait from (one of many) photos I took back in September when Maria together with two dear friends came and visited me here in Switzerland. I looked at the pictures of their visit a few weeks later and remembered again what a great time we had. So by 're-living' her visit I decided to paint this second portrait of Maria.

And I hope she'll 're-visit' again soon ;-) !

'Maria (revisted)'
Oil, 6'' x 6''

And if you'd like to see the first portrait - or rather mug shot - of Maria, this is a link to the blog post from June 2012: Maria 'The Enforcer' Hock.

Oh, and also: I've started my Facebook page 'Regula Scheifele Fine Art' - I'd love to see you on FB, please like and share!

December 12, 2013

The Evening Paper

Picture this: a nice September day, late afternoon. Bellagio, Lake Como. People are strolling through the little town, browsing the shops or having a drink along the shore of the lake.
Or sitting on a bench reading the evening paper - the 'Corriere della Sera'

'Corriere della Sera'
Oil, 5'' x 7''

My favorite part of this little painting: the fold in the paper and how the light reflects from the paper - what's yours?
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