October 29, 2013

Renzo the Yearling

I haven't posted in a long time, but let's just say it has been a long, lovely summer.
I had good friends staying with me and I took them on a tour through Switzerland. While I do know how lovely my country is, it is always special to see it through the eyes of others. There were many things that are just normal for us but were very special to my friends. Like the fountains we have everywhere, and the fact that all of them have drinking water.

And of course: cows. Or rather cattle. More than once did we stop or even turn around to get a good look - and a good picture.

So let me introduce you to Renzo. He is a 'Muni', which is the Swiss term for a male yearling.

'Renzo the Yearling'

Oil, 6'' x 6''

While he is still enjoying a carefree life with his family and clan, he has big plans. He intends to put these beautiful (slightly dopey) eyes of his to good use. He practices his swagger. He keeps his hair groomed and his hooves clean.
Because he just knows he's the most handsome yearling around, and he is ready for the beauty competition. And he WILL win the title.

And how does he know? - because his mother told him so.
I'll introduce her to you next time.
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