February 5, 2014

Selfie - 1/2014

It was good to be painting again yesterday - feels like such a long time since the last 30 in 30 painting (ehmm.. ok, four days...)

I love doing portraits and will do more in the next weeks. So of course I had to start with a 'selfie'!
Doing a self portrait has many advantages - your model is ready when you are, and usually doesn't complain. Or not too much. And apart from the practical side, I think it is a great way for an artist to  journal both oneself as a person and one's art and where we are on our artistic journey.

I started this portrait end of December but did not work on it during the 30 in 30 challenge. I had started out with a monochrome underpaiting and expected to work on this with layers. But when I put it on the easle to finish I realzed I needed to aproach this differently, with more colors, more spontaneity. I quite like the way it turned out!

'Self-Portrait (1/2014)'
Oil, 6'' x 6''
not for sale 

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