December 13, 2011

HHG Mug Shot #5 - 'MacGrins'

"Kelley 'MacGrins' MacDonald is the next notorious member to be sought. You may think her smiling face is harmless... until you see your smiling mug on one of her blogs. She waltzes in to a room, a beach or an event, smiling and acting all “I’m your friend” and then shoots at will. She doesn’t leave until she has captured every available smile. When ready to leave the island... Suspiciously... her little red sports car was missing... she left Hilton Head in a newly acquired Jag shouting “Girls Just Wanna Paint!” She drove up the coast stopping along the way to visit accomplices. She has hideouts everywhere. Beware the smile..."
Maria Hock, fellow member of the HHG

Kelley 'MacGrins' MacDonald - MS006
Oil, 4'' x 4''

Sooo... again, I've really tried to get the 'gangster vibes' here, but either I'm just too nice to paint dark characters (could be) or I just remember Kelley and had a really hard time not to paint her sparkly and open self (more like it!).

Well, I definitely enjoyed painting yet another mug shot. And I had a long chat with my dear friend in the UK and she told me that there's at least one 'mug shot lady' she wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley at night - so at least I'm not totally off with the mug shots.
And no, I won't tell you which lady she was talking about.....!


  1. She looks great Regula! It is hard to make Kelley look sinister ;) Love the skin tones...I am always studying skin tones and learning, learning, learning!

  2. Great job, Regula! I love the touches of red in her hair and skin. Beautifully painted.

    I won't meet your friend in a dark alley ..... well, unless her wallet is full! :-)

  3. Outstanding job my friend! Very well done! And I love your pallette.

  4. Looks great Regula! Love the color in your skin tones and brushwork. Wonderful!


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