December 28, 2011

Ms P. takes a Stroll in the Park

I didn't get to paint in the last week, and did enjoy the Christmas days instead. Hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful Holiday Season as well!

So I thought I'd show you what kind of painting I do apart from the figurative small oil paintings I've posted on the blog so far.

Ms P. takes a Stroll in the Park
Acrylic, 40'' x 40''

This painting is quite big (40'' x 40'') and definitely abstract, and I was thinking about a title for a looooong time. I came up with a title that is hopefully as abstract as the painting... and will keep people wondering what it's supposed to mean...


Here's the painting hanging in my living room...slightly darker photo, but you can see the size of it...


  1. I totally see that! I read this painting as a blustery, wintery morning landscape at first. I'd love to see it in perspective to an anterior to appreciate it's size. Well done!

  2. I agree with Terri. Love the bright colors and really wish I could see it up close and personal! Maybe when you have a show? Till then I will enjoy seeing your work online!

  3. I always wanted to try a large abstract, as I can see you totally can loose yourself in one. It does look like Ms P is strolling in a wintery park. Beautiful.

  4. Thanks Terri, Maria and Roxanne for commenting!

    Terri: I've added a second photo of the painting in my living room, to give an idea of the size.

    Roxanne: go for it! Painting abstract can really be very exciting!

    Maria: so I did understand you right that you'd definitely (!) fly over to Switzerland for my next show??? ;-))
    (... you know you're more than welcome anytime!)


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