December 31, 2011

HHG Mug Shot #6 - 'The Kid'

"Sherrie 'The Kid' Hilliard, known as the kid because she specializes in painting children. She scours beaches and playgrounds looking for innocent little ones to shoot. Parents be on the lookout for Sherrie, The Kid...she will shoot your kids then immortalize them on canvas...they may even end up in a gallery. She drove off Hilton Head Island with enough material to keep her busy for months. She is probably holed up in a secret hideout....painting, painting, painting..."

Sherrie 'The Kid' Hilliard - MS007
Oil, 4'' x 4''

I wouldn't have thought that just ten days of not painting would make getting back to it so hard! I was really looking forward to painting this beautiful lady, but it was a struggle.

So I feel like I should add some 'bonus info': There's a great blog called 'Gurney Journey' by James Gurney, illustrator and creator of Dinotopia. The blog is absolutely a must-read (that's why I have it listed in my blog-roll). Two days ago he published a post called 'Softness in Eyes' -  go and read it!

AND of course I want to wish everybody a wonderful, happy and exciting New Year! One of my highlights in 2011 has to be my trip to Hilton Head Island and taking a class with the amazing Karin Jurick. And of course getting to meet a bunch of wonderful ladies, the Hilton Head Gang. Thanks to all the ladies for the great experience and the continued friendship - here's to meeting again!


  1. Love your 'The Kid' mug. I think it turned out great!

    I know what you mean, I need to get started painting again after a week off. Maybe I'll try a still life to get started.

  2. You did a great job on your "mug" of Sherrie. I just checked the website you mention. Interesting and helpful information.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Chris Werst

  3. Love Sherrie the Kid! You did a great job!!! Now to check out that website! So much to little time!!! Happy New Year!


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