December 1, 2011


A lady at the beach on Hilton Head Island, totally absorbed by her book. A complex detective story or a kitschy romance?

Oil, 10'' x 8'

This is the first paiting I did at home from photos I took on Hilton Head - and though I enjoyed it and it brougth back nice memories, I missed the 'workshop feeling' from last month.


  1. you really captured the relaxed feeling of the beach. I love the soft colors. The workshop was great fun.

  2. Nice painting, Regula! I think she's reading a mystery (I guess that is what I would be reading if given only the two choices!). She looks comfortable and totally enjoying the book, sun and relaxation.

    I miss the workshop, too! It was lots of fun and so nice to meet other artists and to learn from them and Karin!


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