December 10, 2011

A picture a day....

No painting today, but something I thought might be interesting to all my 'fellow muggers'.
I came accross a YouTube video that's actually been posted in 2006, but you might not have seen it yet. This guy Noah has been taking a photo of himself every day for 6 years and put them together in a time-laps movie. I think it's just mesmerizing seeing this guy look at you for six years (so to say), and time just swirling by behind him. And of course beautiful music to go with it.
The movie is over five minutes long, but it's worth taking the time and watching it and observing the sometimes subtle changes in his expression...


  1. Lulu,

    This is way cool, though a feeling of melancholy overcame me as I realized how time flies! Hope all is well

  2. That's just the feeling I got from watching it, too. And soon it'll be another year gone by...
    But yes, all is well.

  3. Very interesting to watch. One of my brothers takes a picture of himself every day.


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