January 31, 2014

'30 in 30' Give-away!

I feel like celebrating the 30 in 30 challenge, so I have a treat for you.
To thank you for sharing this journey with me I will give away one of the paintings I painted in January. The winner of the give-away is free to chose from the (available) 30 in 30 paintings and I will send it to him or her.

The give-away starts now and will end on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. On Thursday I will announce the winner on my blog and my Facebook artist page.

And here's how to enter the

1. Follow my Facebook artist page Regula Scheifele Fine Art and let me know that you do by making a comment here or on FB. If you already are following my page, please also comment so I can record that entry (= one chance to win the giveaway)

2. Followers of my blog get an additional chance to win, too! So if you’ve not already signed up, do so and let me know by commenting here – and because I’m curious, please tell me how you are following (I’ve switched to feedly and quite like it so far). This gives you an additional chance to win.

3. Help spread the word!! If you share any of the January posts on Facebook, you get another chance to win (– and if you share the post about the give-way, your friends will know about it and get a chance to win as well!)

4. And finally: if you recommend my Facebook page or my blog to somebody, let me know so you get another chance to win.

And while this will not earn you an extra chance, I’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts and comments on the 30 in 30 paintings – do you have a favorite? Let me know!


  1. Replies
    1. Maria - thanks for all the motivation along the way!

  2. Hooray!! I want to win!! I have already liked your FB page and now commenting and now to share (if I know how, we will see)!

    1. Thanks Linda - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Woooot wwwwooooooot~ I'm a subscriber AND a fan! I have recommended your page before, and will again!~

    1. Thanks, Kelley! - it's always great catching up on FB!

  4. Love all your painting especially the lego which I also tried with not much success. Loved reading what you learned during the challenge..#4 hit home... always thought too much trouble to set up and found a way to shorten the process.
    Have liked your art page on Facebook and have added you to my
    feedly reader... although I am not a great fan on Facebook will share your post and recommend your page.. I like G+ better

    1. Carol - I did see your Lego paintings and love them as well.
      I am not really on G+ but might have to get involved there as well in the future!


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