January 25, 2014


Green is definitely getting more courageous - he's even keeping his nerves in this cliffhanger situation!

Scroll down to see some 'work in progress' shots - I had to use the alarm on my phone to remind me to take pictures. And it was really funny to have the phone quack at me every 10 minutes!

Oil on panel, 5" by 5"
USD 65 (shipping included)

And here are the 'work in progress' shots:

This is painting Nr 25 in the "30 in 30" challenge, the paintings are also posted on my Facebook Artist Page Regula Scheifele Fine Art - I'd love to have you follow me on Facebook or sign up to follow my blog!


  1. Best Lego painting!! Love this one!

    1. ;-) - so do I, actually. There's more to explore still, I guess I can take the Lego's even further to the abstract! Let's see....

  2. wow, you took a simple subject and really made a great painting! I heard your story on AHA today! good job!


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