January 26, 2014

Miss Daisy

As you know, I've painted Daisy a few times now, but this painting - almost a portrait - shows an aspect of her I haven't been able to capture yet. It's not the fun, happy, young and energetic dog, but the moment when she's at ease, watching (over) her family.

I feel like this painting is showing the 'true' Daisy. I'm really happy with it.

"Miss Daisy"
Oil on panel, 5" by 5"
USD 65 (shipping included)

This is painting Nr 26 in the "30 in 30" challenge, the paintings are also posted on my Facebook Artist Page Regula Scheifele Fine Art - I'd love to have you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my blog!


  1. Daisy does look serious and quiet. Good job, Regula!

    1. Thanks, Linda! - I was really happy to catch this more quite side of Daisy.

  2. Terrific portrait! I was going to say serious and quiet also!

  3. Cindy - thanks for commenting. Since I was aiming for the quiter side of here, your words are spot on!


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