January 24, 2014

Yoga Daisy

Isn't that almost the 'downward facing dog' pose???

Anyway, Daisy obviously is a fit dog, and now I know she gets her energy from yoga.
Or maybe from being a young, happy dog?
Whatever the reason, I just felt she needed a colorful, radiant background.

"Yoga Daisy"
Oil on panel, 5" by 5"
USD 65 (shipping included)

This is painting Nr 23 in the "30 in 30" challenge, the paintings are also posted on my Facebook Artist Page Regula Scheifele Fine Art - I'd love to have you follow me on Facebook!


  1. Love the background colors. They create nice energy.

  2. Hi Dawn! - glad you like the colors, I did feel like doing a 'happy painting'!


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